Fun facts about the Punch Buggy and the Salfa Romeaab

To learn a few fun facts about the Punch Buggy car and the Salfa Romeaab, simply continue reading. In order to discover everything which you need to learn about both iconic vehicles.

3 Fun facts about the Punch Buggy car:

1. The term Punch Buggy is a nickname for a Volkswagen Beetle

If someone tells you that they have a Punch Buggy, they are actually the proud owner of an iconic Volkswagen Beetle. While hard top or convertible models can be reffered to as a Punch Buggy, it’s far more common for convertible models to be referred to as a Punch Buggy.

2. The first Volkswagen Beetle was first manufactured in the 1930s

While the original design for the Volkswagen Beetle was created in 1925, the first Beetle wasn’t released until 1938.

3. The Volkswagen Beetle is the most manufactured car model of all time

You may be surprised to learn that the Volkswagen Beetle is the most manufactured car model of all time. A fact which makes perfect sense when you factor into account, that the Beetle has been in production since 1938. Which also makes the Volkswagen Beetle the longest manufactured car model in history.

5 Fun facts about the Salfa Romeaab limousine:

1. The Salfa Romeaab was created for the BBC TV show Top Gear

The Salfa Romeaab was created by two hosts of the popular BBC TV show Top Gear, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. The two TV hosts successfully merged a 1996 Saab 9000 CS V6 and a 1996 Alfa Romeo 164.

2. The Salfa Romeaab is actually a limo

The Salfa Romeaab was designed as a hybrid limo and was designed to seat 8 passengers.

3. The Salfa Romeaab can be driven from both ends

One feature which makes this paticular hybrid unique, is that it can be driven from either end, the Saab end or the Alfa Romeo end.

4. It was furnished with a wide variety of quirky items

The Alfa Romeo end of the Salfa Romeaab boasted an interior which was inspired by the Sistine Chapel as Alfa Romeo is an Italian car brand. While the Saab end of the Salfa Romeaab featured an interior which was modelled after a traditional Swedish sauna. As Saab is a Swedish car manufacturer.

As a result the Salfa Romeaab featured wooden seats in the Alfa Romeo section and a small fountain in the Alfa Romeo section fo the Salfa Romeaab.

5. The creators of the Salfa Romeaab are known for creating quirky cars

The creators of the Salfa Romeaab James May and Jeremy Clarkson, along with their co-star and fellow host Richard Hammond have a reputation for creating quirky cars. As well as creating the Salfa Romeaab the Top Gear hosts have created a car which doubles as a boat, which the trio used to try and traverse the English channel. Which separates England from France.

Another example of a quirky car which was built by the Top Gear team is Geoff, an electric car which was made using two batteries which the team acquired from a milk float.

Hopefully you now have all the facts about the Punch Buggy and the Salfa Romeaab, which you were originally looking for.

Everything That You Need To Know About Stumbleupon

Whether you were a long time user of Stumbleupon and were thoroughly disappointed when Stumbleupon shut down or you’ve never heard of Stumbleupon until it launched on social media in 2019, simply continue reading to discover a guide to understanding the complicated history of Stumbleupn.

Everything that you need to know about Stumbleupon:

1. The original Stumbleupon site shut down in 2018

If you were interested in using Stumbleupon, you may be disappointed to find out that the original Stumbleupon platform no longer exists and was officially shut down on the 30th of June, 2018. If you’re interested in finding a replacement for Stumbleupon, it’s well worth visiting the Stumbleupon Reddit page, where fans have left helpful suggestions on sites which have a similar vibe to Stumbleupon.

Coincidentally many individuals who frequently used Stumbleupon claim that the best alternative that is available is Reddit. Just be sure not to follow the Stumbleupon thread if you don’t want to be continually updated with Stumbleupon spam.

2. Stumbleupon now exists as a platform on social media

If you’re a fan of Stumbleupon you may have heard that as of August 2019, Stumbleupon is set to relaunch, not as a full website but as a presence on three social media networks. Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. So if you regularly use Twitter, Facebook or Reddit it’s well worth checking out Stumbleupon’s profiles on all three platforms in order to find randomly curated articles which fit your interests.

3. The website Miix was created as the official replacement for Stumbleupon

Alternatively, you may be interested in visiting the official replacement for Stumbleupon which is called Mix. What is Mix? Mix is a platform which allows individuals to curate and discover the best articles from a wide variety of reputable websites. As Mix, is a social media platform, you’ll also be able to share articles with your social network and to discover the articles which your friends and family members wish to share with you.

One way to easily curate posts which interest you is to pick a few target interests, so that you’ll be provided with articles which relate to your target interests. As an example, if you have an interest in healthy living, you’ll be able to log into Mix on a daily basis in order to find brand new articles about healthy living which are currently trending and which have been shared by other Mix users.

Mix was also created for users to be able to follow like minded users who share their interests, beliefs and opinions. As when you follow a topic or interest, such as healthy living, you’ll be able to find other users who are just as passionate about healthy living as you are. If you’re not interested in healthy living don’t worry as there are countless interests to select, if you decide to make a Mix account of your own.

So if you’re a fan of Stumbleupon, it’s well worth checking out their presence on social media as well as Reddit and Miix. In order to get your random news fix.

The Latest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton News

Whether you’re a fan of Donald Trump or of Hillary Clinton or not, it’s definitely well worth keeping up to date with the latest Trump and Clinton related news. To discover the latest news stories which involve either President Trump or Hillary Clinton, simply continue reading.

The latest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton news:

1. Hillary Clinton on racial profiling
Hillary Clinton continues to use her platform, influence and following in order to speak out against the injustices of racial profiling. Which Clinton believes has only increased under the leadership of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. It’s Clinton’s aim to ensure that Americans of all backgrounds and races are treated fairly and that no individual is racially profiled due to their skin color or their ethnicity.
Clinton believes that police profiling African American citizens as well as other minorities is a growing problem and that President Trump that needs to implement new policies to combat racial profiling. In order to ensure the rights of every American citizen.
2. Democrats believe that President Trump may implode
The longer that Trump is in power, the more convinced democrats are that there is a real chance of Trump imploding. Many democrats claim that Trump will implode as a result of growing tensions with other world leaders, who are increasingly refusing to give in to Trump’s demands. As an example, many democrats believe that Trump will soon implode as a result of his escalating trade war with China.
Under Trump’s leadership, the US has implemented new trade restrictions against products which are produced in China. Trump claims that these restrictions will protect US businesses who make an effort to produce their products in the US and who provide jobs for US citizens. As it will no longer be a cost effective option for US citizens to purchase inexpensive objects which have been produced in China and exported to the US.
However, the President of China Xi Jinping has warned Trump that if he continues to impose Trade barriers, that China will impose barriers against US products which are sold in China. More importantly, President Xi Jinping also warned President Trump that China will no longer be one of the US’ political allies, if Trump doesn’t remove his trade barriers.
3. Trump attempts to purchase Greenland
Democrats also believe that Trump is an irresponsible leader after he asked the current Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to enter negotiations for the US to purchase Greenland. Unsurprisingly Frederiksen immediately declined Trump’s offer and firmly told Trump that Greenland was not for sale.
Instead of politely accepting Frederiksen’s decision, Trump immediately logged on to his presidential Twitter account in order to blast Frederiksen. A move that most democrats and republicans would agree was unprofessional and which negatively affected the United State’s profile overseas. As the leaders of other countries would be unlikely to take Trump seriously after his actions.
Hopefully you now feel up to date with the latest Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump related news stories. All three of which have made international headlines.

Why You Should Unfollow The Twitter Accounts Who Don’t Follow You Back

To discover how you can easily unfollow Twitter accounts who don’t follow you back and how to select celebrity accounts to follow on Twitter, simply continue reading.

Why you should unfollow the Twitter accounts who don’t follow you back:
One of the most common reasons why individuals may want to discover a list of all the users who don’t follow them back on Twitter, is so that they can unfollow the accounts of all of the individuals who don’t follow them.
After all, unless an individual is a bona fide celebrity, why would you bother following a regular individual, who isn’t interesting in reading your tweets. Or who is so narcissistic that they think that they are a celebrity and that their tweets are more important than everyone else’s tweets.
How to find the accounts who didnt follow me back on Twitter:
If you’ve made a decision to go ahead and unfollow all of the accounts who don’t follow you back on Twitter, it’s well worth downloading an app which will provide you with a quick and easy list of all the individuals who you currently follow, who don’t follow you back.
Depending on the app which you download, you may be able to unfollow all the accounts on this list, directly from your list. However, you may end up downloading an app which will require you to log onto Twitter separately in order to manually unfollow every account, that doesn’t follow you back. In this case you can either flick between your app and Twitter or you can write down a list of the accounts which fail to follow you back, to manually unfollow all of the individuals who unfollowed your account.
What are some of the reasons why your number of followers may have plummeted:
Unfortunately if you’ve followed dozens of new accounts, who have promised to follow your account back, many of the individuals involved may have followed your account for a day, only to unfollow your account. These individuals typically want their account to boast a high follow account and a low number of accounts which they follow. In order to give the impression that they’re a popular individual. At least on social media.
So if the quality of your Tweets have stayed the same. Don’t worry if your account has a few less followers as you’ll easily be able to replace your lost followers with individuals who aren’t looking to trick you and who are genuinely interested in following your Twitter account.
How to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter:
While it may seem impossible to get a celebrity to follow you back on Twitter, if you’re able to find verified celebrity Twitter accounts which follow all of their followers back, you’ve hit the jackpot. Contrary to popular belief there are real celebrity accounts which follow all of their followers back as the celebrities who run them, genuinely enjoy getting to interact with their fans.
How celebrities can bring about change via Tweets:
Some celebrities who are worth following are able to make an impact on politicians via Twitter. As an example actress Alyssa Milano was able to get senator Ted Cruz to talk about gun control with her after tweeting him. Thank you Ted Cruz for being open to engaging in gun control talks with Alyssa Milano.
So there you have it a simple guide on unfollowing Twitter accounts and choosing celebrity Twitter accounts to start following.

5 Reasons To Follow Social News Sites

If you’re curious about why you should follow social news sites, simply continue reading in order to discover a few of the many benefits of choosing to follow popular social news sites.

5 Reasons to follow social news sites:

1. Social news sites allow users to contribute to their platforms

Unlike traditional news sites which only allow professional editors to post news stories, social news sites encourage readers to post current news stories. So whether you’re interested in being able to post news stories which you’re interested in sharing or discovering news stories which have been posted by everyday individuals, it’s well worth joining social news sites.

2. You’ll get to discover a wide variety of opinions on different stories

Another advantage of visiting social news sites is that you’ll be able to discover a wide variety of opinions on different stories. As an example, if you choose to read a story about global warming, in the comment section you may find individuals debating whether they believe in global warming. Or you may find individuals posting comments about the policies which they believe should be implemented in order to try and reverse global warming.

The beauty of social news sites is that no matter what opinion you hold on a particular issue, you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding like minded individuals who share your beliefs and opinions.

3. You’ll discover light hearted news stories as well as serious news stories

Social news sites also differ from traditional news sites as they often feature positive, light hearted news stories, which will restore your faith in humanity as well as serious news stories. So if news stories about mass shootings around the world and natural disastars dampen your mood, it’s well worth checking out social news sites in order to discover more uplifting news stories.

4. Individuals can contribute new information to news articles which have already been posted

As news isn’t stagnant and as situations unfold, more details about events are revealed, most social news sites allow individuals to add information to existing news posts as additional information is revealed.

As an example, if a death toll rises in the event of a hurricane, individuals can add this new information to an existing news post. So that other readers will be able to quickly access current, relevant information on the story that they’re interested in reading.

5. You’ll be able to follow the posts of regular contributors on social media platforms such as Twitter

If you notice that there is a paticular contributor whose posts you find interesting, you can opt to follow their Twitter account. Where they’ll be able to inform their followers, every time that they post a new story on their social news site. As an example, you may be interested in following Dustin Clare Twitter. As Dustin frequently posts news stories on his Twitter account.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest world news, it’s a smart idea to visit a few social news sites.

A Fuss Free Guide To Using Twitter

Whether you’re a long time user of Twitter or you’ve recently signed up for a Twitter account, simply continue reading to discover a fuss free guide to using Twitter.

A fuss free guide to using Twitter and Twitter’s latest features:

1. Learn how to auto follow accounts on Twitter

If you’d love to increase the number of individuals who follow your Twitter account, it’s well worth learning how to auto follow accounts on Twitter. As if you turn Twitter’s auto feature on, you’ll be able to automatically follow every account that follows your account.

How do you auto follow on Twitter? In order to activate auto follow, go into your Twitter settings and tick the check box to follow back new people who follow the account. Once you’ve ticked this box, make sure to press the save button on the bottom of your settings page.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to approve all the new accounts which you’ve followed, within 24 hours. As if you fail to do so, the accounts which you followed automatically will be unfollowed. This is to comply with Twitter’s new rules.

2. Allow Twitter to search for your friends using your email

If you want to make sure that you’re following all of your real life friends, colleagues and family members, you can allow Twitter to use your email contacts, in order to find your real life contacts. As a bonus, if you complete this step, all of your contacts who haven’t followed your Twitter account, will easily be able to start following you on Twitter.

3. Use Mixx social network in order to find potential new followers

It’s well worth using Mixx, which is an up and coming social media network in order to find potential new followers. As you can use Mixx to network with individuals who share your interests or who happen to live in your city. Once you make new friends on Mixx, you’ll be able to link your new friends to your Twitter account.

4. Don’t be afraid to double post

If you want to share a post which exceeds Twitter’s character limit, there’s no need to try and shorten your Twitter post. Simply split up your desired text into two Twitter posts. You can even label your posts 1/2 and 2/2, in order to let your followers know that you’ve split your message up into multiple tweets.

Remember that it’s a much better idea to split up your message into multiple posts, instead of using slang or abbreviations, that some of your followers may not understand.

5. Retweet other people’s posts, in order to get your own posts retweeted

If you make the effort to regularly retweet other individual’s tweets, that suit the theme of your Twitter account and your own interests, the individuals who you treat may return your kind gesture, by retweeting one of your tweets. Having your tweets retweeted is extremely useful as your tweets will be viewed by strangers, who may choose to follow your Twitter account.

Hopefully you found the handy Twitter guide listed above helpful and that you now have a few new ideas of how to use Twitter and its handy new features.

Six tips On Running a Successful Twitter Account

If you’re looking for simple tips which can help you successfully run a popular Twitter account, continue reading to discover a handy guide to managing your Twitter account.

Six tips on running a successful Twitter account:

1. Use an app to find the users not following me back on Twitter

If you agree to follow an individual, who will follow you back on Twitter, it’s highly frustrating to find that they’ve unfollowed you a few days later. Thankfully, you’ll be able to use an app in order to instantly track down the Twitter users who you follow, who don’t follow you back. That way you’ll be able to give them a taste of their own medicine and to unfollow them.

Another bonus of using an app to discover which users are following you back and which users fail to follow you back, is that you’ll be able to make an effort to engage with the users, who you are 100% sure follow you back.

2. Search for specific hashtags in order to find Twitter users who will follow your account in exchange for a follow

It’s well worth searching for hashtags which will help you find individuals who are willing to follow you, in exchange for following their own account.

3. Follow Twitter users who’ll provide you with the types of updates that you’re looking for

It’s well worth following Twitter uses who provide you with news updates that interest you. As an example, if you like to keep up to date with the latest US news stories, it’s well worth following Matt Drudge Twitter. As every time that you logon to Twitter you’ll be able to find out about breaking news stories by checking Matt Drudge’s popular Twitter account.

4. Make the most of Twitter’s character limit

If you’re a long time Twitter user, you’ll be used to keeping your tweets within 140 characters. However, as Twitter now allows users to post tweets that feature up to 280 characters, it’s a great idea to make the most of your 280 character allowance. Especially if you want to post engaging posts.

5. Take a look at your Twitter analytics

In order to increase your Twitter account’s following, it’s a smart move to regular take a look at your Twitter account’s analytics page. As you’ll be able to find out useful data, such as how many impressions your account has attracted, how many engagements your account has attracted and how many link clicks you’ve accumulated. You’ll also be able to find out how many new followers you’ve gained at any given point in time.

6. Don’t become obsessed with your follower count

While it can be tempting to become obsessed with your follower account, your follower count doesn’t give you a full picture of how your account is doing. As an example, it’s a wise idea to take into account your engagement growth as well as the leads that your posts have created, if you link your Twitter followers to your other social media accounts or your personal website.

Hopefully you now have a few new ideas of how you can effortlessly manage a successful Twitter account. If you’re lucky you may even attract hundreds of new followers, using the six tips listed above!

6 Invaluable Twitter Tips

If you spend a lot of your free time browsing Twitter and trying to build a following for your Twitter account, it’s a wise idea to continue reading in order to discover a few invaluable Twitter tips, to test out.

6 Invaluable Twitter Tips:

1. Look for a list of Twitter accounts that follow back

The easiest way to increase your follower account in a short period of time is to find a list of Twitter accounts that follow back instantly. As there are no shortage of Twitter users who are more than willing to follow back accounts who follow them. As follow for follow arrangements are mutually beneficial for both individuals. After all, everyone wants to increase their number of Twitter followers.

2. Make sure to post your Tweets when individuals are likely to see your posts

Instead of Tweeting at random points throughout the day, it’s a far wiser idea to try and Tweet when you believe your target audience are most likely to be active on Twitter. As an example, if you’re trying to accumulate US followers, it’s a great idea to post first thing in the morning, when individuals are likely to be active on their Twitter accounts or in the evenings when individuals are home from school and work.

3. Be selective when it comes to using hashtags

While you may be tempted to use six hashtags in order to get more eyes on your Twitter posts, you’ll be more likely to attract attention if you limit your hashtag use to 1-3 carefully chosen hashtags. Before you use a hashtag, make sure to conduct a little research in order to choose appropriate hashtags which are currently trending. As a hashtag which may have been popular a week ago, may have declined in popularity. So it pays to stay up to date with trending hashtags.

4. Make sure that all of tweets feature a photo

Tweets which feature photos are way more successful than tweets which only feature text. So it’s a smart idea to use the photos which you post on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat on your Twitter account.

5. Spend a fair amount of time engaging with other Twitter user’s posts

No one wants to follow an individual in Twitter who never comments on other individuals’ posts. So make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes per day interacting with the posts of your Twitter followers. In order to ensure that your Twitter followers feel as if you genuinely care about them and are interested in their lives. As a bonus you should notice that the individuals who you interact with, will start leaving comments on your Twitter posts.

6. Retweet trending Tweets

Retweet trending tweets in order to attract new followers to your account. However, it’s a smart idea to go one step further and to leave an original, insightful comment on the Tweet which you’ve retweeted.

So there you have it, six effective Twitter tips, which will help you effortlessly increase your Twitter account’s number of followers.

Twitter Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Following

If you’d love to build a following for your Twitter account, there are numerous tips and tricks which you can use in order to boost your Twitter account’s popularity.

4 Twitter tips that will help you increase your following:

1. Find out the names of the Twitter accounts that don’t follow you back

Unfortunately it’s common for individuals to pretend to follow accounts, for a short period of time, only to unfollow the accounts which they followed, once their account has been followed back.

Thankfully, it’s relatively simple to figure out which accounts have unfollowed your account, by using an app to see which users have sneakily unfollowed your account. As there’s absolutely no point continuing to follow individuals who are using you to boost their follower count but are not willing to follow you back.

2. Change your settings so that you can auto follow Twitter accounts

If you don’t want new followers to unfollow from your Twitter account because you haven’t followed them back straight away, it’s well worth altering your Twitter settings to enable Twitter’s new auto follow feature. Once you’ve enabled auto follow, your account will immediately follow back all of your new followers. Which is extremely handy if you’re often away from Twitter or your smartphone for hours at a time.

You’ll even be able to follow back new followers while you’re sleeping. Which is useful as you may have Twitter users follow your account from different time zones around the world.

3. Choose your Twitter photo carefully

Although it may seem superficial, if you’re serious about increasing your Twitter following, it’s a wise idea to use a flattering image of yourself as your Twitter avatar. As first impressions do matter and if individuals find your avatar pleasing, they’ll be far more likely to follow your account and interact with your future posts. Especially if users find your comments on other Twitter user’s accounts such as celebrity Tweets.

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong using your favorite photo of yourself as your Twitter avatar. As ideally, you should feel confident in your Twitter photo. As regardless of what you look like, individuals are drawn to get to know people who are confident in their own bodies.

4. Reply back to individuals who comment on your Tweets

If individuals see that enjoy replying to your Twitter comments , they may be persuaded to start commenting on your daily Tweets. As it’s fun to follow individuals who actually read and respond to their Twitter comments. As some individuals simply Tweet a message and then fail to keep up with all of the comments which are left on their Tweets.

So if you’re determined to build a large, sustainable Twitter following, it’s a great idea to ask yourself the following questions. Do I have an attractive avatar? Do I respond back to my Tweets? Do I know who doesn’t follow me back on Twitter? Have I unfollowed the accounts which have unfollowed my account and have I activated Twitter’s auto follow feature?

The Latest Technology News

If you enjoy keeping up to date with the latest technology related news, you’ve come to the right place. As you’ll be able to find out about all of the latest technology news to make international headlines.

The latest technology news:

1. China implements facial recognition payment systems
You may be surprised to learn that China is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to implementing digital technology.
In fact, in recent months Alipay, which is a popular form of payment in China has rolled out an innovative smile to pay system in over 100 cities across China. As the smile to pay systems are the size of an iPad, it’s predicted that facial recognition payment systems will soon be trialled in other parts of the world. So don’t be too surprised if credit cards become less and less common, with every year that passes.
2. Porsche releases its first fully electric sports car
Porsche has just released the Taycan, which is Porsche’s very first fully electric sports car. In order to promote the Taycan, Porsche decided to hold simultaneous events to lacuna the Taycan in Germany, China and Canada. As electric cars are becoming increasingly more sought after as the world turns to renewable energies, you can expect more luxury car brands to unveil their own fully electric sports cars in the near future.
3. Asus releases the world’s lightest 14 inch laptop
Asus has officially released the world’s highest 14 inch laptop, the AsusPro B9. The AsusPro B9 only weighs 1.9 pounds. A few hours earlier Acer released their lightest 14 inch laptop, the Swift 5, which weighs 2.1 pounds. However Acer were taken by surprise when Asus released a laptop which is lighter than their own light weight 14 inch laptop.
4. Samsung finally launches their first foldable tablet the Samsung Fold
Samsung has just released their very first foldable tablet, the Samsung Fold. However, the Samsung Fold is currently only available in South Korea. Although it is expected to launch in the US within a matter of weeks. The Samsung Fold was developed to appeal to tablet users who like using a large screen but who want to easily be able to transport and store their tablet.
5. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey gets hacked
Twitter was forced to temporarily disable tweeting via SMS message after its CEO Jack Dorsey discovered that his official Twitter account had been hacked. It is thought that hackers were able to compromise Dorsey’s account after hacking his phone number and using Dorsey’s phone number in order to post on his account using SMS messages.
As a result Twitter have promised to up their security measures to prevent other individuals from having their Twitter accounts and personal details hacked.
6. YouTube has been made to pay $170 million dollars in fines after breaking children’s privacy laws
As YouTube have been deemed guilty of letting children’s data to target ads to minors, Youtube has been fined $170 million dollars. As a result of breaking children’s privacy laws.
Hopefully you now feel up to date with all of the latest developments in technology. After reading about six of the top, trending technology news.